Why “Eat as much as you like” marketing offers makes me sick!

Emoticon sickWe have all seen the offer “Eat as much as you like” outside some restaurants and this obviously attracts some customers, but I ask you…

Is this ethically right?

With millions of starving people around the world, how on earth can we stomach going into these sort of restaurants knowing this. And what kind of society are we to allow this kind of promotion?- a sick one I would say.

This promotion encourages greed, and is greed now good again?

We have one of the highest levels of obesity in this country and many health organisations try to combat this by focusing on what people eat. Is it healthy, how many calories etc? But we should also look at the quantities they eat and certainly not encourage binge eating.

Promoting “Eat as much as you like” is not a slogan I would use to promote a healthy living.

We would not allow a pub or club promotion saying “Drink as much as you like for a fiver!” for obvious reasons.

I like original and good marketing ideas, that is my job, but when it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

Surely we can’t allow this sort of marketing to be allowed and quiet frankly, it makes me sick!


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