Does spam come from aliens?

cute alienSpam seems to love my blog site. It has attracted soo many spam emails (400 and counting) that I think this site has a secret Spam fan club : )

Most of the spam email comments to this site are really flattering; some are just a series of letters and numbers (maybe a secret code for something?) and some, I believe are from aliens from another planet; They are just weird.

Everyone suffers from spam emails but I really don’t get the point? Are the aliens just sending these to annoy us earthlings?

Well I got news for you “I don’t like Spam!” never did. Even at school (and that was some time ago now) it was horrid and now it’s just simply annoying.

I know it takes less than a 100th second to delete a spam email but if anyone can suggest best spam filters I am sure my readers would be interested.

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