Can i give you a haircut, I’m very cheap?

happy female heads 9I can use a pair of scissors. I can use a comb (although I haven’t used one for some time).

So why don’t you let me cut your hair?

Many SMEs design and produce there own marketing material because they think they can save money by designing this themselves. They have a PC with a design programme and they can use “clip art” or download pictures, but the end result is same as me cutting someone’s hair.

Ok, their hair will be shorter; but it will have no style and be a poor effort compared to the professional hairdresser.

The person whose hair I would cut will not see the results (unless they look in a mirror), but everyone else will see and this will reflect on how they are perceived. Which won’t be good. In fact it would be a disaster!

So when the SMEs marketing material is produced by unqualified designers who does this reflect poorly on?

Yes the company.

Money is tight, but be aware that poorly produced marketing material can do you more harm than good.

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